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Pain Management

Scenar machine

We are delighted to add Scenar therapy to our business. Scenar is a form of pain relief that can reduce pain.It is a none invasive treatment using gentle biofeedback electro-therapy.Having had myself a problem back for several years this treatment has reduced my pain significantly.Using this therapy along side my energy work as brought amazing results.

Along with using Reiki and Access Bars with the machine I also do a massage with it.

Scenar is a device that was produced by the inventor of the Tens machine.If works with the meridians of the body and like energy healing finds blockages within the body and works to release them.It may take several treatments to reduce the pain to a comfortable manageable level but you will be very surprised at how you will feel after.Treatments are between 45mins-1hr 30min depending on which treatments you choose.

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